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Hair Design

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Designer Hair Services

(Items are priced À la carte)

Shampoo and Finish Style          $26-$33

Wet Haircut Only                          $29-$44

Women’s Haircut and Style   $33-$48.50

Women’s Dry Cut                         $29-$44

Men’s Cut                                      $25-$36

Child’s Cut (8 and under)             $20-$32

Bang Trim                                            $17

Braids                                                  $19

Special Services

Special Occasion/Wedding                     $68

Off site Weddings  price quoted at consultation

Model in pink jewelry

Conditioning Treatments

(Items are priced À la carte)


Coyte                                                 $5.25

Malibu CPR                                     $31.50

Superfood Treatment                    $10.50

Color Lock                                              $7

Redken Chemistry Treatment       $18.50

Clarifying Treatment                           $32

Brunette  girl with long  and   shiny cu

Texture Services

(Items are priced À la carte)


*Full Perm                                        $100

*Partial Perm                          $12 per rod     

*Design Wave (spiral)                       $141

additional $12 Chemical cost

*Additional cost for long hair




Hot Head Extensions price quoted at consultation

Blow Out with Extensions           $38.50


Straightening Services

(Items are priced À la carte)


Straighteners                                  $99-125

​Brazilian Blowout straightener      $250.00
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