Spa Facials - Day Spa  


Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

30-90 Minutes - from $42

Removes daily pollutants
Lifts the dead skin cells with our latest technology the "skin scrubber"
Restores skin from dull to radiant
Moisturized and glowing.
Especially recommended for acne or congested skin.


One Hour Facial

60 minutes $77.50

The most reactive of skin and is an ideal choice for anyone with rosacea, sensitive or red, inflamed skin or anyone pregnant or nursing.
It will leave you feeling ready to face the world again
Relaxing mask and a hand and arm lotion treatment

Express Facial

30 minutes $42.00

Skin is cleansed and toned for a purer, clearer complexion
Relieves sun stressed skin
A refreshing, moisturizing and relaxing experience


Men’s Hot Towel Facial

45 minutes $72.00

Specifically crafted for men results-oriented treatment
Deep cleanses the skin
Calming and clarifying properties to effectively treat congestion and irritation
Feel alive and refreshed


Back Facial  $86.50

Ultra Sound Facial  $77.50

Ultra Sonic Facial $77.50



We also offer other Cosmetic Dermatology services.