Therapeutic Massage Studio

Erase the signs of everyday stress with Spa Services at B' Lewie. Relax, and release impurities through the effects of touch, aromatherapy, and natural ingredients. You are a work of art – let the gentle hands at B' Lewie unveil the true glorious you.



30 Minute Localized Massage  |  $41.50

       A "mini" massage for work on specific areas, done on the table or
       chair, depending on the 
area needing treatment.


60 Minute Full Body Massage  |  $72
A full-body massage, for complete relaxation and stress relief.


90 Minute Massage  |  $107
Extended treatment with the complete relaxation of full-body with
       time for treatment of specific areas. 

120 Minute Massage  |  $143
70 Minute Hot Stone Massage |  $83
Chair Massage  |  $1.35 per minute