Skin Resurfacing & Skin Care

Skin Resurfacing - Cosmetic Dermatology


30 minutes $69    

Light skin exfoliation good for all skin types except oily
Removes most facial hair
No downtime skin will feel silky smooth makeup application post treatment is 1 hour
Skin may be slightly pink

Diamond Microdermabrasion

30 minutes $103    

Medium skin exfoliation good for all skin types except those with Rosacea

Down time skin will feel wind burned

After expect some pinkness for several hours

Makeup application is not recommended for 24 hours



SkinMedica Peels


We recommend a minimum series of three peels & a post procedure kit for best results.
With all peels sweating and exercise is strongly prohibited until peeling begins.


 Illuminize Peel - 30 minutes $131.50                

Skin will be lightly pink
Two hour downtime

Vitalize Peel - $188.50

Skin will be slightly pink to red
Approximately 4-5 days of peeling
Purchase of regular post procedure kit is expected for this peel

Skin Care - Day Spa


Regular post procedure kit

Special price of $135

Includes everything you need for the three peels post procedure for 7-10 days.  Full size sensitive cleanser, Restorative Ointment, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream, Travel size Sunscreen.

Mini post procedure kit

Special price of $65

Includes enough for 1-2 peels post procedure for 5-7 days. Travel size Facial cleanser, Regular size TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream, and travel size Sunscreen.

Citrus Detoxification Wrap

60 minutes $172

We begin with a light, dry brushing to encourage lymphatic flow, and a thin layer of detoxifying Citrus oil is applied over the lymphatic zones of your body to encourage a drawing out of impurities. As the layers of the wrap are slowly unfolded, light bodywork is performed, gently bringing your core temperature back to normal. This is a perfect treatment to combine with lymphatic drainage for total detoxification. The skin feels tighter, smoother and cleaner. Perfect for after summer damage from chlorine and the sun or Winter dry dehydrated suffocated skin.


MLIS Body Wrap

60 minutes $113


We also offer other Cosmetic Dermatology services.